Spotlight: Melissa Arps

March 29, 2010

The streets of Two Rivers are safer thanks to this Silver Lake College alumna….

Melissa Arps (Becker) has worked at the Two Rivers Police Department ever since she earned her Associate’s in Criminal Justice from Fox Valley Technical College.  She now continues to work there after her continued education: a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Silver Lake (’06), and a Master’s in Community Counseling from Lakeland (’09).

Melissa’s current office is at the Two Rivers High School, where she serves as the school resource officer, which is the job she had always wanted when she first decided to become a police officer.  At the high school, she teaches Intro to Criminal Justice and gives presentations on sex, drugs, and alcohol to students.  She also provides DARE classes to middle school students.

Her duties at the police department as a patrol officer are endless.  From field officer training to CSI to SWAT team to running lie detectors to third shift bike patrol, Melissa does about everything you could think a police officer might do.  “I like it all,” she says. “With a variety of things to do, I never get bored.”

On top of all the things she does for work, Melissa is also involved in the community.  She is a Special Olympics volunteer, and also has been putting her counseling degree to work by offering supervised counseling to emergency service personnel and their family members.

But that’s not all that’s exciting in Melissa’s life.  Over the course of her studies at Silver Lake, Melissa was married to Bob Arps, a police officer in Manitowoc.  She recounts, “Actually, Bob proposed to me after I got out of a class at Silver Lake.  He met me out in the parking lot after class, and led me to the AmericInn, where there were a dozen roses waiting, and an empty ring box.  When I turned around, he had the ring out and was asking me to marry him.”  Melissa and Bob’s lives will certainly be much more busy, when in less than a month, they will welcome their first child into the world!

If you’d like to contact Melissa, please e-mail her at arpsmel@trschools.k12.wi.us.


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