Memorial Mass: A Mass for All

September 17, 2009

DSCF0595The beginning of the Memorial Mass dates back to the construction of the present Silver Lake College building and the first celebration of Mass on campus. When Mass was able to be celebrated on a daily basis in the chapel, a monthly memorial Mass was promised to all the donors who contributed to the construction of the building.  When the first Development Office began raising money in the early 1980s, this established, yet non-publicized, prayer offering was expanded to include current donors. At that time, a pressing need was to build up the college’s library so a second option for contributions was added, donation toward the purchase of library books.

At the time of the new venture, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were the faculty, staff, administration, and students. The promise of daily prayer for the donors was the obligation of the Community. However, the Silver Lake College Community has expanded greatly. In the offering envelop for potential donors, a promise for the continuation of daily prayer is given which states that the “friends, relatives and professional/personal associates will be included in the daily prayers of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and the Silver Lake College Community”. That’s all of us!

We ask God’s blessing upon these people who have made it possible for us to work and/or study at Silver Lake College. Prayer can take any form. A simple and sincere “God bless our benefactors” centers our focus on God and the donors. Another way, of course, is the celebration of the Eucharist at the monthly “Memorial Mass.”

May the single heartedness of St. Francis open your spirit to God’s glories.

The Lord grant you peace,

Sister Mardelle Meinholz
Director of Mission


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  1. […] a special Memorial Mass on the second Saturday of every month at 8:30 a.m.  Click here to read our Director of Mission’s explanation of the Memorial Mass.  Each Memorial Mass will be followed by coffee and […]

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