Spotlight: April Jaure

September 14, 2009

April Jaure

From potential Franciscan sister to stay-at-home mother of two, April Jaure has experienced quite the breadth of life since matriculating at Silver Lake in the spring semester of 2001.  April transferred to Silver Lake after 3 years of studying Biology at the University of Wyoming, where she grew up.

The reason she decided to move to Manitowoc was because her concept of the word “freedom” flipped upside down.  She says, “There are a lot of ideas about what freedom is.  Some think that it means, ‘do whatever you want’.  I tried that, and it left me empty.  When I wasn’t fulfilled in my thirst for true freedom, I had to look for something different.”

When April saw a poster about vocations on her parish bulletin board, she thought that she might be called to become a sister.  She filled out a postcard, and soon she started receiving about six letters a week from different orders of sisters.  One of the first ones she received was a handwritten letter from our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

April decided she would visit Manitowoc, and she fell in love with the order.  They joked around with one another, and outwardly revealed a deep joy.  They were also very solid—completely loyal to the Holy See.  She had also visited other convents, including a Carmelite order in LA, which was much too austere for April’s tastes.

So April moved to Manitowoc and became a postulant, then a novice with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.  In her second year as a novice, she took on a full-time schedule at Silver Lake, with a major in English and Secondary Education and minors in Biology, Spanish, and Theology.  It was around this time that April discerned that she was not called to the religious life.  She says that she will always be thankful for her religious formation, through which she learned a lot about herself and about the importance of a prayer life, but she ultimately decided that she was called to a different kind of life.

After she left the convent, April moved home to Wyoming for six months.  Since she was only one semester away from graduating, she returned to Silver Lake in the fall of 2005 to get her degree.

While April was studying at Silver Lake, she was active in the English Club.  This is where she met Chris Keuler, who would become her husband shortly after graduation.  Because Chris was a year behind her, and still a full time student, April was the breadwinner for their family, which was about to become bigger with a child on the way.  “We were absolutely dirt poor,” April said.  She and Chris would struggle to make ends meet for the next couple years.  April worked at Clarity Care with adults who had disabilities, edit creative writing, work as a lab tech at Milk Specialties, as a receptionist at FlexStaff, a waitress, and finally as a staffing clerk for home care at Holy Family Memorial.  Through all of these jobs, it was April’s dream to some day be able to be a stay at home mom.

This dream was realized just this summer, when Chris landed his dream job in DePere as a web developer at SparkNET.  Now April is able to stay home with her two children, Felicia (3) and Eva (9 months).  She enjoys it very much, but she isn’t satisfied standing still just yet.  She is a lifelong learner, who has learned study habits at Silver Lake which push her to continue researching on her own.  She loves to learn about child development, positive discipline, and theology.  She also hopes one day to go to graduate school so that she can become an English professor.  But for now she is happy.  She says, “I take it one day at a time.  I know I am where I’m supposed to be right now.”

Read April’s blog at myfemininemind.blogspot.com, her intellectual escape from her days of three-year-old and baby land.


One comment

  1. Hi April and Chris,
    I was so happy to find out that all is going well for you and your little family ! I think of you at times and wonder how life is treating you and Chris.
    You will have to come down to SLC and see all our improvements and take a peak at our new convent called “Chiara”. -Italian for Clare.You made me so happy finding out that life is being good to you.
    Love and with prayers, Sister Francette

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