Silver Lake College in the Year 2000

September 11, 2009

Silver Lake in the Year 2000

By Phil Perrino and Dean Peterson

[As printed in 1972 in student publication Perspective.]

I had my doubts about being accepted into such a large school, but here I was registering with the rest of the ten thousand new freshmen.  I had some difficulty in finding my dorm on Kennedy Avenue, but after an hour of being misguided by upper class men I stood starting in disbelief.  Massart Hall is a twelve story high rise and my room was on the tenth floor east wing.  My roommate I discovered was a 250 pound defensive tackle on a full scholarship to play for coach Neiletz’s Big Ten powerhouse Silver Lake Chiefs.  Our window overlooked the newly constructed St. Josephs Religious Center.  We can see the top of Pierce Memorial Stadium, whose seating capacity is eighty-thousand.  My chances of getting tickets are slim with nearly all of the forty thousand resident students after them.  I began to think of attending a smaller college where student activities are a rarity just so that I could rest from the hectic day.

Being a music major, I decided to go and see the huge Martin Flavin Performing Arts Center.  On my way I walked past the Martina Science and Math Center.  Four of my classes are in this building holding seven thousand classrooms.  My music courses are in the Lorna Zemke Conservatory, about a half a mile from my dorm.  Right next to the arts center is the old Holy Family Fieldhouse seating fifteen-thousand.  On my way back to my dorm, I stopped at the Thomas More Commons and had a few beers at the student union there.  After quenching my thirst and resting my tired feet I went over to the Anne Liegl Business Administration Building and wrote out a tuition check for $4000.00.  A tear from my eye dropped as I handed over the check.  The office lady smiled and said come again.

I then returned to my dorm exhausted, my head was filled with so many numbers and names that I felt a migraine coming on so I bummed some aspirins off of my roommate and tried to get some shut-eye.  However once asleep I had a nightmare that I had a heart attack at the football stadium and died in the crowd, and my dead body milled around in the crowd for several days thereafter.

I woke in a cold sweat and went down to the school commons to have some beer and listen to “The Crucified” a local acid rock band perform for the students and faculty alike so I could calm my nerves.

I like Silver Lake, but I knew it just wasn’t right for a small country boy like me, so sadly I packed my bags and penned out a letter announcing to my parents I was returning home.  Maybe I would attend one of the small universities like Notre Dame back home.

campus A


One comment

  1. So… It’s 2009 and Silver Lake isn’t quite this big… 😉 … Maybe we should re-title it “Silver Lake in the Year 3000”? 😉

    Great fun Dean and Phil! Thanks for sharing.

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