Spotlight: Sister Andree DuCharme

August 6, 2009

srwA woman with a mission: to serve the Church and serve the Lord.

You may remember Sister Andree?  She worked full-time in the art department starting in 1967, and although she retired in 2006, she certainly isn’t through teaching and helping out at Silver Lake!

But we’ll get back to that.  Sister Andree’s story at Silver Lake begins a bit earlier, with the very first class that graduated from the current SLC building.  In 1959, Sister Andree graduated from SLC (then, Holy Family College), and her name, along with the names of her fellow graduates, were placed into the building’s cornerstone.  After receiving her bachelor’s in English, she went to Marquette and Notre Dame, earning her Masters in Art.  After her graduate studies, Sister Andree returned to Silver Lake to teach art.

Sister Andree saw many changes through the thirty-nine years she taught.  She was head of the department for 22 years.  One of the biggest accomplishments of the Art department through her career was that the program received state certification to offer an art education degree.  Sister Andree also established and ran the Children’s Art Program for 35 years, which offered children more opportunities to exercise their creativity.

In 2006, when Sister Andree retired, one of the senior students hugged her and said, “You weren’t supposed to leave until I graduated!”  She has touched many lives– true to her mission of serving the Church.

She’s still touching lives today.  She currently works for the art department setting up shows, making contacts, and tutoring, etc.  She also visits the sisters in the convent infirmary and helps them to write letters.  Humbly, she says, “Whatever needs to be done that I can do, I do.”  We’ve truly been blessed to have Sister Andree as part of the faculty/staff all these years!

To contact Sister Andree, please e-mail her at sandree@silver.sl.edu



  1. A blessing, indeed! Her quiet, gentle ways here at the college make any better!

  2. It was lucky for me to have had Sister Andree for an Elementary Art Education class many years ago – prior to being sent out to teach. I still remember her explanation of CREATIVITY in art. She emphasized that creativity is not synonymous with a “free for all,” but, rather, the ability to work within limits. I not only used/modifified many of the projects (positive-negative designs, tempera paint washes, etc.) we did in her class for 6th, 7th and 8th graders, but also imparted the concept of creativity by focusing on the principles of art and the challenge of working within limits.

    Antoher time I had Sister Andree was when I was teaching at Sacred Heart School in Manitowoc, and she offered an evening class in calligraphy. Three of us Sisters from Sacred Heart took her class. We learned the Roman Classic alphabet along with principles of design. I still do some calligraphy.

    Her calligraphy work on the bulletin board in the Administration wing of SLC is awesome!

    Sister Marcolette

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